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Question 1

NewCon is fully licensed & insured.   
Avoiding the risk of working with a cleaning company that is not fully licensed and insured is your first priority.  Always ask to see a current proof of liability and workers comp insurance to insure that you are protected from costly damages and injuries.  We gladly provide copies of all licensing, insurance and workers comp coverage's with every bid. 

Question 2

NewCon cleans the job right the first time.
Did you know that using the wrong cleaning product can void the manufacturer’s warranties & cause materials to age prematurely?  Select a company that researches the best products and procedures to use before cleaning or surfacing today’s high tech materials.  Cleaning according to manufacturers recommendations is a vital part of how ourassociates are trained to safely clean your building.

Question 3

NewCon is flexible & schedule conscious.
Many cleaning companies can get the job done and some can even get the job done right the first time.  But in today’s deadline driven marketplace, just getting the job done right is not enough.  You need a cleaning company that can do the job right when you need it done.  Expect them to accommodate your busy schedule and meet your deadlines.   According to our clients we have repeatedly

“...demonstrated the ability to provide excellent cleaning services and to meet the demands of our time sensitive projects.  We have found them to be extremely flexible and accommodating in their work for us.”

 NewCon can get the job done right when you need it done.

Question 4

NewCon has a depth of experience .
One of the most important things to consider before selecting a cleaning company is experience.  Has the company cleaned your type of building before?  Do they really understand new construction cleaning?  There are a multitude of new building materials used in modern construction so the company you choose should be familiar with several types of buildings.  We are comfortable cleaning a variety of buildings simply because we’ve had the opportunity to clean schools, apartments, housing projects, banks, health clubs, homes and many other types ofcommercial properties.